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Vylero | Stop Embarrassing Cold Sores Today


Leading Cold Sore Treatment
Finally a Cold Sore Remedy that actually WORKS!
It’s happening again and you don’t really know why. It started with that stingy numb feeling near your lip. Instantly, you know you are in for it. Soon you will be plagued with a stinging, crusting, oozing, cold sore that is horribly embarrassing. For the next several weeks you will be the helpless target of unrelenting teasing from family and friends.

Think back to your first cold sore. Remember how embarrassing it was? Now imagine if there was a way to save yourself from all the  ridicule and pain that followed.Vylero For more than 40,000 cold sore sufferers this freedom has become a reality. Gone are the days of unexpected, inconvenient, embarrassing outbreaks.

With Vylero you will be able to avoid the embarrassment and shame caused by unsightly cold sores fast.

Now with the help of Vylero, you can safely prevent outbreaks and effectively shorten healing time. Imagine a living life free of the disruptive reoccurring outbreaks.


How It works

The herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1), produces cold sores which are extremely painful and contagious (not to mention embarrassing ). Since herpes is a virus, it can’t be cured, but the symptoms can be alleviated and controlled. This particular virus, is a latent virus, which means it can reappear frequently and without warning. Cold sore sufferers that are stuck using out-dated and traditional forms of treatment are susceptible to breakouts at any given moment.  The problem is old tradition methods of treating a cold sore with pills or ointments (pushed by large pharmaceutical companies) do little to nothing to prevent and and or eliminate outbreaks.

Vylero is the product of more than a decade of scientific research and study. Inventor and cold sore sufferer Chester Heath, dedicated a lifetime to finding a simple, safe, and effective solution for cold sore sufferers. The small discreet device works by emitting a  precise soft electric impulse that scrambles and confuses the HSV-1 virus. This disruption cause the virus itself to return immediately to its dormant state. Instead of combating the painful and unsightly after effects of an outbreak with Vylero you can prevent them from even happening.



Why Trust Vylero
Nothing is more uncomfortable or embarrassing than a large cold sore on the corner of your mouth. Traditional treatments are slow and costly, home remedies are more folklore than effective. Instead of suffering end your cold sore troubles once and for all Popular creams and lotions simply sit on top of the sore causing agitation and irritation. Only Vylero directly disrupts the virus immediately.Heals up to 16x Faster

In clinical trials, 96% of users rated the Vylero better or equal to other remedies and saw results 2.5-16 times faster than traditional remedies. Clincal Studies and Doctors Report Nearly 100% Success Rate. Backed by science used by thousands of cold sore sufferers there is zero doubt that Vylero is our answer for cold sore relief!


JaniceI just wanted to tell you that your product is a miracle. I have had problems with cold sores since childhood. Year after year…finally, I have found a product that keeps me from experiencing that terrible burning sensation and weeks of hiding. I have been using the Vylero Cold Sore Inhibitor for three years now. Thank you for making my life easier.
Janice from Venice, FL
BrittanyTHIS REALLY WORKS! It never even surfaced. I always seem to get cold sores at the worst times, (right before a big date) not anymore. I love you guys, thanks for making a product that finally does what it promises.
Brittany from Tuscon, AZ


Compare the Facts

  • Available online without a prescription.
  • Order online and get Vylero delivered anonymously.
  • Vylero is safe to use.
  • $149
  • 1000+
  • $0.15/ea
  • Available with prescription only.
  • Requires expensive and inconvenient doctor visits.
  • Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea and Tiredness.
  • $160
  • 10-15
  • up to $16/ea
  • Available with prescription only.
  • Requires expensive and inconvenient doctor visits.
  • Headache, Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea.
  • $180
  • 6-15
  • up to $30/ea

Love Your Smile
With Vylero you will never worry about unexpected breakouts again. No more hiding, no more embarrassment, no more painful suffering, no more worrying. Vylero users keep their smiles looking great year round.

Say no to cold sores and get free shipping today only.This limited time offer is valid to first time customers who act today!

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